Madame DeLais was the wife of King Sargoth.

About Edit

Madame DeLais' first name is Joy. Her mother was a noble elf named Lady Marigold and her father was a noble human by the name of Lord Rogers. Marigold died during birth and Rogers died on the battlefield with King Sargoth 's uncle.

Madame DeLais was a beauty who had many suitors until she met Julius Sargoth during an investigation into the Religion of Etah which has flourished over the last decade into more than simple worship, but into murders and cultism. Madame DeLais is thirteen years younger than Julius with brown-blonde hair and pale skin.

Appearance Through-Out The Game Edit

Madame DeLais is later on in the game discovered to be working alongside an old and powerful Vampire by the name of Myana, who is killed in a fight. After the player discovers this, DeLais is killed and the blame for Julius' death is placed upon her.

Through the game, the player will have to opportunity to locate portraits of her, through differing eras and times in her life. Two of them are by Renard (before she was the Queen) and others are made by many other artists.

Looks Edit

DeLais has brown hair, pale skin and wear a low-cut dress that trails the the ground with red frills and lace. She was always treated fairly, meaning that she had the life of luxury and her looks helped her to get about. She is known as the "Beauty of DeLais", DeLais Estate also being an estate in Sargothorn Valley.